So You’re interested in placing an order, Well here’s what you will need to know.

How long does an order take from the initial concept to the
finish item?
Most orders take approximately 14 days, however this does depend on my work schedule and time of the year. Obviously the months leading up to Christmas are the busiest times of year. In some instances it may be possible to fast track an order, but this is dependant on the item, clients location etc. Contact me direct for further details.

What information and photos do I need to give you to start an order? If you want a particular item making then I will either need photographs of what you have in mind, a sketch or even a detailed description.

Once I have sent you details of what I want, then what happens next? As soon as I receive your order information, I will research the item in question in full and send you visual and written description of what I am able to produce with a price quoted for the work.

Will you send me any images of my order in progress? Yes every few days at every major stage of the order I will send you updated images and detailed description via email.

Is my design a one off unique piece or are most designs mass produced? Nothing I make is mass produced. I do make a lot of very similar pieces, however as each piece is individually hand make it varies slightly for piece to piece.

What If I don't like a particular part of the design during
the making process can I change it?
Yes No problem at all just let me know any changes you wishto make and if it is possible I  will adapt the design where applicable. 

Do I need to pay a deposit or pay for the order in full? To commence work on an order I require a 50% non refundable retainer with the outstanding balance + P&P (which is calculated according to the final weight of the order) due prior to order dispatch.

How can I pay the deposit or full balance of my order. I will send you an invoice direct to your email address, which will allow you to pay for the order by credit/debit card via our secure on-line merchant Paypal. Paying by this means allows you to pay in any currency.

Can I customise any one of the current designs I have seen on your website?
Yes however depending on how many changes you wish to make, there may be extra charges involved. This will again vary from order to order.

Where in the world do you ship to? I will ship any order worldwide. The p&p on every order is accessed individually with all p&p prices being calculated according to country of delivery, weight and volume. All orders are sent via courier and are tracked from the minute they are dispatch to the minute they are delivered. Tracking numbers and details are forwarded to every client on request. All orders are sent insured according to the price of the item dispatched.

How long does it take to post an item to me?This really depends on the country you reside, but on average it take approx 3-5 days. It is possible to speed this up for an extra
charge. Details on request. 

Is the postage any cheaper when ordering a couple of items? No If you were to order a large quantity of any item then I could offer a slight postage discount.

I only have X amount of money available to spend, can you customise an order to my budget? Yes I can build an order to any budget. Obviously the price of an order depends on the materials used and in some instance, I can omit one material for another slight cheaper one to come in on budget, this may however affect the overall look of the final piece.

What happens if my order is damaged or goes missing in transit? If your order is damaged in transit, then you will need to send me a detailed description of the damage and as many photos as possible. If an order is damaged in transit due to a fault of the courier, then I will inform the courier immediately of this and make a claim against them and
as soon as this claim has been accepted monies will be refunded. If the item only has minor damaged then I can instruct the client on a DIY repair, however if the damaged is extent then the client can return the order to me at his cost and I will repair or replace the order and return asap to the client.